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Bluray Now Available for Sale at CanyoneeringUSA

Canyoneer and filmmaker Dan Ransom spent 2011 & 2012 filming and editing a documentary about cutting-edge canyoneering explorations for the Grand Canyon. The stunning 23-minute film follows adventurers Rich Rudow and Todd Martin as they explore undiscovered slots in remote areas of the Grand Canyon. Last of the Great Unknown" was a 2013 Finalist at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, and is now touring the world as part of the Festival's World Tour. Buy the movie now to enjoy EXCELLENT armchair canyoneering and use it to recruit more friends to join you in the canyons. Irresistible!

Last of the Great Unknown is also available for instant download on iTunes.

The film is also touring with Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, as well as Mountainfilm On Tour. Check the "NEWS" page for updates on screenings and festival appearances before then. Sign up for the email updates below to get the latest news when the film becomes available.


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    October 2, 2012 4:09 pmPosted 5 years ago
    Jake Marble

    I cannot wait to see this EPIC movie!! Please let me know when this is available. Thank you!

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    October 11, 2012 12:07 pmPosted 5 years ago
    Todd McKinley

    Can’t wait to see this amazing movie. Please let me know when this is available. Thanks.

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    October 29, 2012 5:35 pmPosted 5 years ago
    jim flatley

    when available

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    October 31, 2012 12:05 pmPosted 5 years ago
    kate readio

    Please let me know when the BluRay is available.

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    November 5, 2012 4:18 amPosted 5 years ago
    James Hayford

    Please let me know when the bluray is available for purchase.

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    December 16, 2012 11:11 amPosted 4 years ago
    Susan Rhea

    Saw you at 5point last year. Can I get hard copy mailed this week?

  • December 19, 2012 4:45 pmPosted 4 years ago
    John Hart

    Looking forward to HD blu-ray. Please let me know when/where I can order it. Thanks. John

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    January 15, 2013 7:55 amPosted 4 years ago
    Jimmy Olsson

    I live in Sweden but I would really like to buy this one on BluRay. Is it possible to get it shipped to Sweden? Otherwise I might be able to buy it somewhere once i get the the states next summer for a holiday trip!

    Best regards, Jimmy, Sweden

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    February 16, 2013 2:32 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Jim Vance

    Please let me know when the bluray is available, as well!


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